Use short form videos to accelerate your SEO

SEO is well known as a powerful, but slow-starting growth channel. The Wyndly team has figured out a way around this using short form video content.

Who is Aakash and what is Wyndly?

Aakash Shah is the co-founder and CEO of Wyndly – an at-home allergy testing and treatment service.

Wyndly helps you:

  1. Identify allergy triggers with an at-home test

  2. Get doctor treatment through customized sublingual immunotherapy

  3. Get meds shipped, receive ongoing doctor support.

Wyndly has grown primarily through short-form video content and SEO. Oddly, the two are directly connected.

How does short form video help with SEO?

Google is powerful, but its function as a problem-solver is limited. Anyone who has ever tried to self-diagnose and cure a medical issue online knows this well. So, where do people go next?

Many go to Reddit or Quora. Sometimes, even after seeing a doctor who they feel didn’t adequately solve their problem. This makes sense. Reddit is an semi-anonymous space where have your problems solved by the masses – some of whom are highly qualified to answer your question.

The Wyndly team started monitoring Reddit for these questions related to allergies (for example, someone with a cat allergy who still wants one in their home). They’d quickly create a short video with one of their doctors answering the question. Almost immediately, they began seeing people book Wyndle consultations directly after watching the video responses.

These videos function as more than just an answer to the individual's problem (and anyone with the same problem who comes across it). They also become short-form video content to be shared on other platforms. The video transcripts can also be converted into blog posts. After doing this repurposing for a few months, they started getting solid SEO traction.

Why is this tactic so brilliant?

SEO is a powerful growth channel, but it’s slow. It can achieve great things, but takes time, consistency and (if you’re doing it right) quality. Wyndle’s short-form videos added torque to the SEO horsepower.

When the team saw positive engagement around one of these short, niche videos, it indicated that there was a large group of people with the same problem. Note that mainstream keyword research tools would often predict zero search traffic for these terms. Yet Aakash was seeing substantial traffic coming from them. Because the tools weren’t registering the small but substantial traffic, there was effectively no competition.

There are 2 ways to do SEO

  1. Top down - do keyword research and try to compete with others, who are probably better at SEO, targeting them.

  2. Bottom up - Use something like TikTok as a fast feedback loop to see if other prospects will have that same question

#2 is customer first vs. keyword first. Wyndle was able to punch above their weight as a brand new player because of how targeted their solutions were. Google is continuing to niche down, and people are changing the way they search.


How to build this channel yourself

Step 1: go on Reddit (Quora or any other niche communities will also work fine) and look for people struggling to find solutions.

  • Gummy Search is a great tool to find these on Reddit. Use it to set up alerts in relevant channels.

Step 2: spend a few minutes doing a quick take video answer

  • The video should be done by a professional expert. If you’re an early company, probably a founder. If you're at a later stage, hire an expert for this if you don’t have one already.

  • Run the video through Descript. It lets you add a transcript, logo, etc.

  • Make it less than 1min so it can fit on all platforms that support short form.

Step 3: post and repurpose the video

  • Post the video response to the original question and monitor the result. Did it answer the person's question? Did others find it helpful?

  • Post the video to other short-form video platforms like TikTok, YouTube shorts, Instagram, even Twitter.

  • Within a day or two, have someone turn the transcript into an article to post on your blog with the video.

*Recently they’ve started doing some keyword research, but this was not part of the strategy for most of the channel’s life. Wyndly is no longer new to the SEO game after all.

Step 4: reinvest in what’s working

  • If something does very well on any particular channel, or Google starts to drive more traffic, add another 1k words, another video, an infographic, etc.

You can follow Aakash and his work on Twitter and Linkedin!