Build a LinkedIn growth channel

LinkedIn has been the primary driver of Ben's growth, boasting 2-3k monthly listeners, 1k subscribers, and 18k followers.

Meet Ben, the former Head of Growth with a focus on SEO at B2B SaaS firm Customer Gauge. He now runs his own business, building podcasts and communities (with a dash of SEO still on the side). LinkedIn has been the primary driver of his personal growth, boasting 2-3k monthly listeners, 4k subscribers, and 23k followers.

Ben's LinkedIn Growth Blueprint: DOPA

Ben's secret sauce? A self-invented acronym. Let's run through it.

Develop a winning content strategy

Go niche. When Ben honed in on SEO case studies, success followed. Narrowing the content strategy made audience growth a breeze. Previously, his general marketing content didn't deliver.

Stand out with your content. Sharing value is key. LinkedIn winners know their audience and their needs.

Pro tips:

  • Keep a consistent visual style.

  • Learn from Ben's top case study on

  • Focus on value, not yourself or your product. Transform podcasts and interviews into mini stories. Carousels and scrolling photos excel on LinkedIn.

Optimize your profile to sell

Craft a mission-driven bio. Link to your offerings, using a captivating title and a Linktree for multiple projects.

Leverage the featured section. Showcase high-converting items (downloads, traffic, etc.). Viewers will explore your profile after seeing your posts. Include a clear CTA or next step.

Don't stress about experience. Some keep it for credibility, others ditch it altogether.

Post every day

Fast-track growth by posting daily. Carousels are hot right now, but trends change. Follow industry leaders to stay in the loop.

Consider upselling posts. Offer value, then link to a lead magnet or product in the comments. This can boost newsletter subscriptions. Give them something tangible.

Engage with the algorithm. Spend 20 minutes before posting to comment and interact. Respond to comments in the first 20 minutes after posting, especially the first one. Don't post and ghost!

Add fuel to the fire: Networking

Connect with influencers. High-engagement individuals can boost your reach. Avoid inauthentic "engagement pods" that game the system. Focus on creating engaging content.

Forge genuine friendships. The more you interact on LinkedIn, the more visible you become.

Engage with active commenters on popular posts. They're not lurkers, and they're happy to engage.

Remember: better content means more engagement. It may seem obvious, but it's the foundation of LinkedIn success. Offer unique insights and clear "how-to" guides.