Boost your search rankings with ChatGPT & Jasper

Using AI, Zeshan can create SEO optimized articles ridiculously fast.

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Zeshan is an expert at growing niche sites through SEO. He's been blogging for 2.5 years – but that's not what makes him an expert. It's that he flips every site he sells after using AI generated content to grow its search traffic.

Using Jasper and ChatGPT, Zeshan can create a large number of targeted blog posts for a website with a well defined topic. After 6-12 months, these articles start to bring in organic traffic in the tens of thousands.

Each article takes 1-2 hours for him to write, and he cranks out roughly one article a day for each of his sites (he has 4-5 sites growing right now). The number of articles in total that he'll add to a niche site will differ. Sometimes he'll do 50, sometimes 100.

As you'll see, Zeshan's process is a nice blend of using both AI and traditional techniques.

How to use AI generated content to grow your blog

Step 1: Manually find keywords

First you find the keywords, then you use AI. The keywords are the most important part – do not outsource them.

Find seed keywords

A "seed" keyword is a starting keyword (or phrase) you will use to generate related terms off of.

Use Google Keyword Planner to find similar keywords 

Enter in your seed keyword and find related search terms (i.e. other keywords you can write about and rank for).

Manually search every keyword on Google

Your goal is to find terms that have some traffic volume, but low competition.

Low competition keywords typically have top search results that are forums (Quora, Reddit, etc.). If these sites are ranking for the terms, chances are you will be able to as well – even if you have low domain authority.

If websites are ranking, check out their content quality and how well they answer questions related to the keyword or phrase.

Do this until you have 30+ low competition keywords

Once you have this many keywords, you are ready to build your site and start creating content.

*A quick notes on website building: Zeshan recommends still using WordPress. He believes it still gets the best SEO results, and anyone can learn how to build a site with it in 1-2 hours of YouTube tutorials.

Step 2: Take a keyword and have ChatGPT give you subtopics

Head to ChatGPT and ask "what are some points I should make and talk about when writing an article about [keyword]."

Step 3: Manually create an article outline from the subtopics

Using the information ChatGPT gave you, create an article outline. Make sure it appropriately addresses the questions related to the keyword you’re trying to rank for.

Step 4: Use Jasper to write a blog post using AI

Have Jasper create each section at a time. Use the description box only, do not use the keyword box (this just tends to keyword stuff the article, which Google doesn't look at much anymore).

For example, you might say "generate an intro paragraph about beats headphones not charging".

Make it 800-1200 words.

Optimize the article for SEO 

Add the relevant keyword to the title, heading and H2 headings. Include it in the post URL as well.

Go through and remove irrelevant content (sometimes the AI program can write about irrelevant things).

Repeat this process for each heading in your outline. 

Use Jasper one by one for each section.

Do this whole process for each article.

Then, you wait!

Process summary:

  1. Look for a low competition keywords – usually sites where forums like Quora or Reddit are ranking highly in the results. Collect 30 total for a niche site.

  2. Ask ChatGPT what important information there is about that keyword.

  3. Create an outline from those lists of topics.

  4. Use Jasper to create sections for each of those outline sections.

You can follow Zeshan on Twitter to see how his sites are doing.